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About Attorney Representation

Chris is able to help clients decide how to best approach a legal case.  Part of the initial client intake involves one-on-one discussion with him/her about the parties involved, what issues they face,About Attorney Representation what evidence and proof there may be and hearing what the client believes is a reasonable disposition of the case.  Because Chris brings many years of courtroom experience to the table, he is able to put the case into perspective for the client see what the eventual outcome of the case may or may not be.

It is very important to set up the strategy of the case to get the best eventual outcome.  He may suggest the client keep a detailed log of day to day events, gather declarations from professionals, friends and family who may be able to testify in the case, etc.

While working towards an agreement with the opposing parties is a preferred outcome, many cases have to go through the court hearing process.

Chris has worked with and/or cross-examined psychological, medical and other experts in my family law and juvenile cases and have developed a good working knowledge of child development issues, psychological disorders in children and adults, psychiatric medications, drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation.  A part of his experience has been with domestic violence cases and how factors from these cases may affect a custody, support or juvenile dependency case.  He makes a point to always kept in mind what is in the best interests of their children and non-offending parties, making every effort to keep them safe from harm.  We always want to see children have healthy relationships with both parents, if possible.  It is also good to see divorced partners learn to get along and go on with their separate lives peacefully.